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JMF St. Mawgan, UK


Welcome aboard Joint Maritime Facility, St Mawgan, Cornwall, England. Joint Maritime Facility, usually referred to as JMF, is located on Royal Air Force Base, St Mawgan, in the county of Cornwall in the south west corner of England. The nearest town is Newquay (New-key), located approximately four miles from the Station. It has a normal (winter) population of 18,000 which swells to approximately 100,000 during the May-September tourist season, peaking to 250,000 in August.

JMF was commissioned 18 August 1995. It is a jointly staffed Integrated Undersea Surveillance System command comprised of approximately 360 U.S. Navy and 80 Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel. The command was established via a Memorandum of Understanding between the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom of Great Britain in June of 1990. The primary role of JMF is to provide a link between United Kingdom and United States maritime forces and their headquarters in the United Kingdom and overseas. The command supports anti-submarine warfare commands and tactical forces by detecting, classifying, tracking, and providing timely reporting information concerning submarines and long term oceanographic undersea geological information.

RAF St. Mawgan is a fully functioning Royal Air Force Station comprised of three wings. The Station operates SEA King helicopters for training, search and rescue at sea.

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RAF Lakenheath, UK


The information contained in this SITES Package will be helpful to military members, their families, DOD civilians, their families and others who are being assigned to RAF Lakenheath, England.

This category contains information on organizational units and activities on RAF Lakenheath. It includes organizational telephone contacts, basic safety and vehicle information, and items that are especially important or unique to this installation.

Location: RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom

The closest town is Lakenheath Village, located 2 miles from the base.

Major Command (USAFE): U S Air Forces in Europe

U.S. Air Forces in Europe is a component command of USEUCOM and a major command of the U.S. Air Force. In addition, the commander in chief of USAFE functions in a NATO role as commander Allied Air Forces Central Europe. With headquarters at Ramstein AFB, Germany, USAFE is organized in three numbered air forces, the 3rd, 16th, and 17th.

Primary Weapon Systems: F-15E and F-15C

The primary mission of these supersonic fighters is low level penetration of enemy defenses, day or night, to bomb strategic targets. The Strike Eagle is a dual role fighter capable of fighting its way to a target over long ranges, destroying enemy ground positions, and fighting its way back out. Advanced avionics give the Strike Eagle the ability to fight at low altitude, day or night and in bad weather.


The 48th Fighter Wing's leadership is responsible for training, supporting, and employing a combat fighter wing that includes one F-15C and two F-15E squadrons. Wing personnel execute war plans of United States Air Forces in Europe, United States European Command, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Wing is capable of mobilizing for all US and NATO objectives. The 48th Medical Group, USAFE's largest is a regional medical center for all active duty and retired US military members and their families living in the United Kingdom. The 5th Space Surveillance Squadron is located at RAF Feltwell, UK, approximately 10 miles from Lakenheath. The squadron is assigned to the 73rD Space Group and 14th Air Force, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, and operates a $100 million Deep Space Tracking System site.


Telephone Access: DSN 314-226-1110 COMM - 011-44-163852-3000

USING THE NUMBERS IN THIS GUIDE - If you are calling from outside the UK, the United Kingdom commercial prefix codes are 011-44- then the commercial number listed. (Example - Family Support Center - call from the US would be 011-44-1638-523847)

If you are calling from inside the UK, don't use the 011-44- prefix, instead, the numbers are preceded by a 0, i.e., 01638 instead of 1638 (Example- Family Support Center- Call from outside the UK would be 011-44-1638-523847, call from inside the UK would be 01638-523847)

When dialing an extension from on base for either RAF Lakenheath or RAF Feltwell, that number is preceeded by "7". Example calling the Family Support Center from on base, dial 73847).


In May 1940, the US Army Air Corps formulated plans to meet President Franklin Roosevelt's call for increased aircraft production. As part of the War department's 84 Group Plan, the Air Corps activated the 48th Bombardment Group (Light) on 15 January 1941. Primarily a replacement training unit, the 48th participated in experimental joint Army-Air Corps maneuvers to evaluate close air support and air-to-ground tactics.

The 48th was ordered by the War Department to England as part of the buildup for the eventual invasion of fortress Europe. The group's greatest World War II legacy lies not with its fighter kills, but its close air support mission. Operating from former Luftwaffe airfields in France, the Group supported the allied breakthrough at St Lo in July 1944. The Group was inactivated at Seymour Johnson Field in North Carolina on 7 November 1945.

Due to the mounting concern of communist aggression in Korea and Europe in the early 1950s, the Air Force restructured its combat units into Wings. As such, the 48th Fighter-Bomber Wing was born on 10 July 1952. The 48th was then moved to Chaumont Air Base in France. On July 4, 1954, the Wing received its designation as the "Statue of Liberty" Wing, making it the only Air Force unit to have both a numerical and descriptive designation. On January 1960, the Wing's three fighter squadrons moved to Lakenheath.

During Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, the 48th supplied 66 F-111Fs and 1400 personnel, which were in place by December 1990. Throughout the offensive, wing aircrews participated in a number of campaigns including bridge busting, airfield destruction and tank killing. A number of unique missions were flown, including "Save the Ducks" which entailed using GBU-15 infrared television munitions to destroy the burning Kuwait oilfield pumping mechanism and contain the ecological disaster which was taking place and on 26 February when two F-111Fs dropped two strange looking GBU-28 4500 pound bombs on the Taji command and control bunker outside of Baghdad, severely disrupting Iraq's military machine. Overall, the Liberty Wing flew a total of 1919 combat sorties, totaling 2203 target hits.

Since 13 September 1991, the Liberty Wing has been called on to augment the Operation Provide Comfort air component at Incirlik, Turkey. This ongoing mission is to enforce a UN no-fly zone in Northern Iraq, protecting Iraq's Kurdish population.

The Liberty Wing has been active in support of Operations Provide Promise and Deny Flight in war torn Bosnia-Hercegovina and Croatia, providing not only active air support, but mobilization of medical personnel and facilities to take care of UN personnel and civilian war injured. Both of these missions are continuous. Personnel of various specialties have deployed in support roles including chaplains, fire fighters, administrative and personnel technicians, fuels, transportation, supply, intelligence, graphic arts, photographic, and a host of others. Depending on mission needs, these personnel have found themselves deployed upwards to six months, often under stressful combat conditions.


RAF Mildenhall, UK


Location: RAF Mildenhall, England

Mildenhall, Suffolk. Located in the United Kingdom. The base is approximately 70 miles north of London, 26 miles northeast of Cambridge, and 13 miles northwest of Bury St. Edmunds.

Major Command: United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE)

Mission: "Conducts air refueling, force reception, force deployment and support operations for the United States and NATO, anytime, anywhere."

Population assigned-served:

Active Duty Officer : 549 Active Duty Enlisted: 4,848 Family Members: 6,080 Retirees: Approx. 600 (Mildenhall & Lakenheath area)

Civilian Employees: 1,045 APF/NAF/MOD


The country code is 44 and is only needed when calling outside the UK.

The civilian phone number consists of a 4 or 5 digit number starting with a zero called a "National Code" followed by a six digit "local" phone number (When you are calling from a phone with the same National Code you only need to dial the last six numbers.)

From the United States: dial 011-44-National Code without the zero and civilian #

Example: to call the Family Support Center from the US, dial 011-44-1638-543406.

Within UK-outside 01638: dial the Civilian # given

Within UK-inside 01638: dial last six digits of Civilian #

DSN numbers from another DSN phone: dial the DSN # (238-extension)

On-base from a military phone: dial the last four digits of DSN #


Since October 16, 1934, when it officially opened, RAF Mildenhall has been at the center of aviation for the air forces of the United Kingdom and the United States. At the time, RAF Mildenhall was one of the largest bases under the newly formed British Bomber Command. The 100th Air Refueling Wing was activated February 1, 1992 to assume duties of the 513th Airborne Command and Control Wing (USAFE) and the 306th Strategic Wing (SAC). It is the European Tanker Task Force headquarters.


RAF Molesworth, UK


The Tri-base area constituting the 423d Air Base Squadron and the Joint Analysis Center is composed of RAF's Alconbury, Molesworth and Upwood, United Kingdom.


RAF MOLESWORTH: Located 14 miles west of RAF Alconbury and 11 miles northwest of Huntingdon. Based here are the Joint Analysis Center (JAC), Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO), National Imaging and Mapping Agency (NIMA), Government contractors and other organizational units.

RAF ALCONBURY: Located 3 miles northeast of Huntingdon and 60 miles north of London, England. The 423 ABS Commander and his Support Staff, as well as many of the support units and recreational facilities for the Tri-base area, are located here. The Family Support Center, Lodging office, Commissary, BX, concessionaires, theater, DoDDS schools and some base housing is included.

RAF UPWOOD: Located approximately 14 miles from RAF Alconbury. This multi-million dollar medical complex houses out-patient care facilities for military personnel stationed in the Tri-base area. Most standard medical care is available. Medical cases may be referred to RAF Lakenheath (approximately 48 miles east of RAF Alconbury) for care which is unavailable at RAF Upwood.

TELEPHONE ACCESS: DSN prefix is 314-268-XXXX. The 314 indicates the DSN phone system in Europe. All commercial dialing in this SITES file is listed with the international dialing numbers when dialing from the US to the UK(hence the 011-44- prefix which is the international code dialing from the US to the UK). When dialing within the UK, drop the 011-44 designator and add a 0. For example: 011-44-1480-823557 from the US becomes 01480-823557 within the UK.
Dialing Example - RAF Alconbury Family Support Center Extension 3557


US Naval Activities, London UK


Commander U.S. Naval Activities United Kingdom (COMNAVACTUK) oversees facilities and services in England. Its mission is to:

Support tenant activities and U.S. Government perosnnel in Greater London. Exercising command over subordinate activities. Serve as regional area coordinator for U.S. Naval Activities and deployed units in the U.K., gibraltar, and Nortern Europe. Total population served is approximately 3605, with 1140 active duty, 1729 family members, 361 civilian employees, and 384 retirees.


The Navy offices in London are located in five major areas; at RAF West Ruislip, the Eastcote D.O.E. Complex, Blenheim Crescent at West Ruislip, RAF Daws Hill, and the Navy Headquarters Building in central London at 7 North Audley Street. There is no "base" as you would normally find. RAF West Ruislip is about 12 miles northwest of central London. The commute from the offices downtown to Eastcote or West Ruislip offices is about 1 hour by Underground (or the Tube as it is known locally) or 30-45 minutes by car, depending on traffic. Most people work in Navy offices at either Blenheim Crescent or 7 North Audley. RAF stands for Royal Air Force and some of the Navy locations are on RAF bases; however, these are not air bases with planes, runways, etc., but small bases no longer used by the RAF. Office Space is "loaned" to the U.S. Government, and typically you will not find any British military personnel at these locations.

RAF West Ruislip facilities include: Navy Exchange, Commissary, Family Service Center, MWR recreation facilities, Housing Office, Post Office, Chapel, DoDDS Elementary School, Community Bank, Child Development Center, Thrift Shop, Auto Port, Subway Sandwich Shop, and Center Stage all hands club and movie theater.

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