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Izmir AB, Turkey


The 425th Air Base Squadron is located in Izmir, Turkey and is composed of four flights: Support Flight, Logistics Flight, Security Police Flight and Medical Flight. The ABS operates from within the community rather than on a base. The squadron does everything normally accomplished by a wing with the exception of operations. Its primary mission is to support all U.S. and NATO units in Izmir. Additionally, the squadron manages U.S. support to Cigli Air Base, a nearby Turkish Air Force Base. The ABS is headquartered in an eight-story office building three blocks from Izmir Bay. Other functions, including the commissary, base exchange and chapel, are housed in leased buildings located throughout the city.

Allied Land Forces Southeastern Europe is a NATO unit responsible for deterring all forms of aggression along the Turkish Straits, eastern Trace, and Turkey's southern border and eastern frontier.

Landsoutheast headquarters is located at Vecihi Akin Garrison, about 15 minutes from downtown Izmir.

Also located at Akin Garrison is the Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force. SIXATAF's is a selectively manned joint headquarters responsible for a full range of offensive and defensive air opeations with conventional and nuclear options. It's mission is to ensure full-time air defense of Turkey, and the combat readiness of all assigned forces.

Population assigned-served............ : 1374
Active Duty Air Force Officer ........ : 47
Active Duty Air Force Enlisted ....... : 291
Active Duty Army Officer ............. : 56
Active Duty Army Enlisted ............ : 204
Active Duty Navy ..................... : 3
Family Members ..................... : 641
Retirees ........................... : 70
Civilian Employees ................... : 72
DoDDS staff........................... : 32
Contractors........................... : 21
Turkish Employees .................... : 283

Telephone Access................ : DSN 675-1110 or Commercial 011-90-232-4845360/61/62 then ask for extension wanted.

425th ABS History:

The unit was activated in Izmir as the 7266th Support Squadron November 1955, to support Allied Land Forces Southeastern Europe and Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force. Prior to this, support for these NATO headquarters came from the U.S. Sixth Fleet. On July 1, 1959, most of the 7266th moved to Cigli Air BAse, 13 miles north of Izmir, and July 5, 1962, it merged with U.S. Air Forces in Europe's 7231st Combat Support Group. On April 1, 1966, the 7231st CSG became the 41st Tactical Group. U.S. facilities at Cigli Air Base were turned over to the Turkish Air Force July 1, 1970. At that time the 41st TG was inactivated and the 41st Combat Support Squadron at Cigli was renamed the 7241st Support Squadron and moved to downtown Izmir. In 1970, the unit was briefly moved from Headquarters Turkey and U.S. Logistics Group (TUSLOG) and assigned first to the 39th Tactical Group at Incirlik AB and then later to 16th Air Force at Aviano AB, Italy, before returning to Headquarters TUSLOG again in December 1971. On January 1, 1973, the 7241st was changed to an air base squadron until August 1980 when it was redesignated an air base group. On June 15, 1993, the unit was changed back to an air base squadron and renamed the 741st Air Base Squadron. The most recent change came November 1, 1994, when the squadron was renamed the 425th Air Base Squadron.


Incirlik AB, Turkey


LOCATION: Republic of Turkey (Twelve miles east of Adana, Turkey; fourth largest city in the Republic)
MAJOR COMMAND: 39th Wing (USAFE) 39TH WING CORE VALUES: Integrity/Loyalty/Innovation/Courage/Competence/Teamwork
MISSION: The 39th Wing conducts air combat and combat support operations and training on the front lines of NATO. Exercises operational control over assigned and deployed US units. Maintains and operates a US Air Forces in Europe weapons training site and, when activated, a Supreme Allied Command Europe Quick Reaction Alert Force. Provides operational, administrative, logistical, and medical support for US forces throughout Turkey. Incirlik has the only US tactical operation between Italy and the Far East.

The air base maintains a peacetime commitment to aircrew training, war readiness and support to other NATO units within Turkey and the Middle East. In support of wide-ranging responsibilities, Incirlik hosts a number of activities with diverse missions. The 39th Wing is the senior unit with a variety of units with mission responsibilities ranging from security police and combat support, to supply, communications and comptroller. The 628th Airlift Support Squadron, under the Air Mobility Command, provides passenger and cargo service to destinations within Turkey, Europe and the United States. HISTORY: Roughly translated Incirlik means "fig orchard."

Back in December 1950, the Turkish and US Air Forces began work on a large new air base near the city of Adana, Turkey on the northern Mediterranean coast. Following the arrival of the 7216th Air Base Squadron's advance echelon late in 1954, the main contingent finally arrived at Adana Air Base from Wheelus Air Field in Libya in February 1955. The base's mission then was to support Strategic Air Command B-47s and other transient aircraft. Many significant events have taken place since 1958 when the installation became known as Incirlik Air Base, but Incirlik's role in the Middle East took on an even greater significance with the beginning of the Gulf War in August 1990. During that time, thousands of sorties were flown against Iraq in occupied Kuwait took place. Sorties left Incirlik's runway 24 hours a day in support of the Allied war effort. As Iraq continued its occupation of Kuwait in 1991, Incirlik played host to worldwide units of every service deployed here in direct support of Operation Desert Shield, and later, Desert Storm.

Aircraft deployed to Incirlik began flying missions into Iraq on 17 January 1991. Following the war, Incirlik began supporting Operation Provide Comfort, 7 April 1991, when it served as the hub of humanitarian relief efforts destined for Kurdish refugees in northern Iraq. This operation was the largest humanitarian airlift since the Berlin Airlift. In view of Incirlik's growing importance in protecting NATO's front lines and its new central support role for all US units in Turkey, the 39th Tactical Group was redesigned and became the 39th Wing on 1 October 1993.

DEPLOYED FAMILY SUPPORT *OPERATION NORTHERN WATCH (ONW) HISTORY: On April 5, 1991, President George Bush directed the start of Operation Provide Comfort (OPC). Within 36 hours, the first phase began; a mission of survival for the people of northern Iraq. On the first day of operations, April 7, 1991, OPC flew six airdrop missions from Incirlik Air Base,Turkey; sending 32,000 pounds of food, water, clothing, tents, and blankets to the refugees. By the seventh day, this figure grew to 1,727,200 pounds.

OPC headquarters was established at Incirlik and has remained here throughout the operation. On July 1, 1991, OPC's mission switched from one of supplying immediate life sustaining aid to one of deterring Iraqi aggression, monitoring compliance with UN security council resolutions, and enforcing the no-fly zone, measuring approximately 160 miles wide by 50 miles deep. Combined Task Force (CTF), now Operation Northern Watch (ONW), has two co-commanders, a U.S. and a Turkish brigadier general assigned to it.

The British contingency is led by a coalition commander in the equivalent grade of colonel. ONW forces continue to fly fighter and armed reconnaissance missions into Iraq above the 36th parallel to demonstrate coalition resolve, prevent Iraqi encroachment into the security zone, and promote the security and stability of the people of northern Iraq. More than 50,000 sorties were flown in support of OPC through October 1995.