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Schinnen, Netherlands

U.S. Army Garrison, Schinnen, The Netherlands

Welkom! Welcome to the Netherlands; the land of windmills, wooden shoes and tulips. Billed as one of the army's best kept secrets, we hope you enjoy your assignment!

LOCATION: The U.S. Army Garrison Schinnen(USAG) is located in Schinnen, The Netherlands. Tucked away in the southeastern province of Limburg, we're a twenty-minute driving distance from Belgium and Germany. As the most widely dispersed USAG in USAREUR, we provide logistical support over no less than 139,000 square kilometers for personnel spread across 17 separate locations. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a major influence in this region, with Joint Forces Command Brunssun(JFC), located in Brunssum, NL. JFC is a twenty minute drive from Schinnen, and Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base (GK) is located in GE, approximately twenty minutes from JFC. Basic community support for the region is provided by the USAG, Schinnen, while many of the soldier support services are provided by military (Army and Air Force) personnel at JFC and GK. The Area Support Group (ASG) responsibilities were transferred to the 80th ASG in Mons, BE. Mons is also home to Supreme Headquarters Allied Forces (SHAPE), as well as Chievres Air Base. It is approximately two hours drive from Schinnen to SHAPE.

MISSION: The peacetime mission of the USAG, Schinnen is to provide basic quality of life support to the units within the BSB footprint. In time of conflict or war, the mission is to open and operate NL Line of Communication (LOC). This BSB is responsible for the reception, processing and deployment of forces and equipment through NL, GE and other locations.

The 598th Transportation Terminal Group (TTG) mission includes the receipt, handling, documentation and port clearance of all Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored cargo transiting Benelux ports. During the past few years, the workload has exceeded 4 million measured tons per year. The 838th Transportation Battalion (TB) is a subordinate element of 598th. The 838 TB is responsible for managing DoD sponsored cargo transiting all the Benelux countries. The Rotterdam Movement Control Team (MCT-Rotterdam) is an element of the 27th Transportation Battalion, which is subordinate to the 21st Theater Army Area Command (TAACOM). The MCT determines the mode of onward movement for all DoD sponsored cargo entering the ports within the Benelux.

Rotterdam Telecommunications Center (TCC - Rotterdam), an element of the 532d Signal Company, provides telecommunications support to all DoD activities in the Rotterdam area. Detachment OL-D, 7300 Material Squadron, US Air Force, Europe (USAFE), monitors all USAFE cargo within the Benelux region. Rotterdam is also home to the Military Sealift Command (MSC) office of the Benelux. This Navy office coordinates and controls all MSC shipping activity within NL, BE, GE and the Atlantic coast of France. Rotterdam is home to the ELG/Port Liaison Branch of AAFES Europe. This office coordinates the movement of AAFES cargo entering and exiting ports within Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

TELEPHONE ACCESS: The country code is 031. When calling from the United States dial 011 31 46 443- XXXX. When calling DSN, 314 360-XXXX. When faxing to SHAPE use the same commercial or DSN access.

HISTORY OF USAG SCHINNEN: HISTORY: Originally the AFCENT Support Activity (SUPACT) (US) was activated in Fountainbleau, France. AFCENT SUPACT (US) provided all BASOPS support to American and Canadian personnel assigned to Headquarters AFCENT. With the termination of French participation in NATO, AFCENT SUPACT (US) moved to South Limburg. In 1971, the Schinnen Mine compound was leased and the activities were consolidated. During this time, AFCENT SUPACT (US) was assigned as a sub-community of NATO/SHAPE, and on 1 Oct 81, the AFCENT SUPACT (US) separated from NATO SHAPE and became a full community under what is now the 21st TAACOM. AFCENT in Brunssum is now called JFC. On 1 Oct 82, Schinnen was again realigned under the Rheinberg community. Rheinberg Military Community (MILCOM) closed 1 Jun 90, and the Schinnen MILCOM assumed geographic responsibility for Rheinberg, Northern Germany and the United Kingdom (UK). Since the closure of the Rheinberg community, and the redesignation of US MILCOM to ASG s, the USAG, Schinnen has been involved in the drawdown of communities in Northern Germany and the UK. The Schinnen Community is proud of its history and accomplishments and its ability to provide the highest quality of life available in Europe.